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in your favour

| In your favour | pg-13 | super junior | henry/ryeowook | 925w |

In which Ryeowook played the audience but hoped for far too much. Hunger Games AU.

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seouldout collection pt.2

| Seouldout Collection | pg-13 | super junior, shinee | various |

Note: Submissions from round 5 and 6 of seouldout.

Submerge kyuhyun/donghae. prompt: water. 200.
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Break jonghyun/onew. star trek au. 200. warning: character death, suicide.
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The stuff of legend heechul/hankyung. snapshots into heechul's career. 200.
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Krazy straw sungmin. he needs something more. 200. warning: drug use
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Puff the magic dragon yesung/heechul. lucy in the sky with diamons. 200. warning: drug use
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t = d/c

| t = d/c | pg | shinee | jinki/kibum | 2308w |

Jinki is the boy who waits. Based on "Voices of a Distant Star"

Notes: Pinch hit for the Musical Chairs exchange at melodicword. Prompt: "Dancing" - Elisa

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Hang on to past tense tonight

| Hang on to past tense tonight | pg | super junior | kyuhyun/sungmin | 2033w |

It was hard to remember the exact sequence of events, but he’d be damned if he didn’t at least try.

Notes: Written for the melodicword challenge. Prompt: "sequence"

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Agree to disagree

| Agree to disagree | pg | super junior | kyuhyun/zhou mi | 537w |

Zhou Mi wants to punch Kyuhyun in the face.

Notes: For umberela. I actually have something else planned for you atm. Think of this as an instalment until more qmi shenanigans come to fruition. :33 ♥

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